• For existing ICSI microscopes with / without heated glass stage.
  • Hardware zoom for highest optical resolution.
  • Electronic relief contrast & edge enhancement No DIC, no oil immersion required.
  • Based on the OCTAX EyeWare™ platform.
  • Supported microscopes: Olympus IX50/70, IX51/71, IX53/73; Nikon TE, Ti; Zeiss Axiovert 100/200, AxioObserver. Leica DMIRB, DMI (CytoScreen HD only).

OCTAX cytoScreen flex™ provides optimum image quality with / without heated glass stage, with glass bottom dishes (recommended) or with standard plastic dishes, depending on the total working distance.

OCTAX cytoScreen HD™ optimized image quality without a heated glass stage and with glass bottom dishes to be used.