• Unique DualSpeed™ joystick for precise and instantaneous movement control .
  • Maximum stability ensures vibration-free work .
  • One-hand operation for capillary and angle settings .
  • Programmable Z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage .
  • Connection with Eppendorf PiezoXpert® and electronic microinjectors FemtoJet® 4i/4x .
  • Can be adapted to all conventional microscopes .
  • PC interface for remote control .

The user-friendly TransferMan® 4r possesses an ergonomic and innovative design to meet the most demanding micromanipulation requirements. Smart functions, such as improved automated home function and position storage, enable simple and fast execution of even the most complex micromanipulation techniques.
 Dual Speed™ joystick allows for precise and intuitive movement in all three dimensions, dynamic movement for covering longer distances and positon memory for speeding up sample processing .